3 Common Crypto Scams on Discord and How Best to Avoid Them

3 Common Crypto Scams on Discord and How Best to Avoid Them

3 Common Crypto Scams on Discord and How Best to Avoid Them

If you make the appropriate investment decisions and research it carefully, crypto can provide world-changing and life-changing chances.

However, with so much potential in a relatively new niche, investors are certain to run across a few scams along the way.

Many of these scams happen on Discord, attacking different crypto projects’ communities.

Today we look at the most common Discord scams and how you can best avoid them.

Assisting You and Providing Help

Most Discord scams happen in your DMs. This first type of scam tries to come off as kind and well-intentioned. It could have you thinking that Discord is the friendliest platform.

Once you've asked a question on a Discord channel, you automatically get sent a message of assistance. Following your conversation with the sender, you’re most likely sent to a dubious website or a form where you must enter important information.

This is essentially a phishing scam.

Sending Unsolicited Invites

In this instance, the scam is a typical direct message from an unknown sender. 

They frequently create a lot of excitement by offering large prizes that seem too good to be true. They also encourage you to participate in wonderful chances that a lot of people are interested in. 

The problem is that the link may lead to a phony site that requests for private and sensitive information like your wallet’s private keys. The site may also attempt to connect your wallet to it.

Another type of invitation is to announce a large prize or a chance to win a prize out of nowhere. Make sure you don't click the link because it will take you to an unfamiliar site where you will be asked to provide information.

Promoting Projects and Products

This type of scam involves DM senders promoting phony NFTs or well-known products with substantial discounts. Here, like in previously mentioned types of Discord scams, the sender asks to click a link, then go to a dubious site or fill out a form with important information.

At this point, you get the idea. Discord scams are about getting your information and stealing your crypto.

How to Avoid Discod Scams

There are several steps you can take to avoid Discord scams.

The first thing you can do is disable the direct message function in your Discord user settings. That way no stranger can DM you.

The second thing, if you do get an unsolicited message from a stranger, is to check which servers you both share. The more uncommon the server is, the more likely the sender is to be a scammer.

And finally the third thing you can do is to simply ignore the message. You can block the sender and close the message without replying to it or reacting in any way.

Scams on Discord are becoming increasingly sophisticated. To protect yourself, be cautious of each direct message.

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