5 NFT Projects on Cardano That Are Doing Things Differently (Part 2)

5 NFT Projects on Cardano That Are Doing Things Differently (Part 2)

There are many incredible NFT projects being created on Cardano. So many, in fact, that we need a series of articles to cover just some of the most interesting projects in this space.

As we mentioned in the first part of this series looking at different projects in the CNFT space, the Cardano community is creating unique projects with groundbreaking utility.

Today, we look at five projects that are focused on:

  • Charitable initiatives
  • Cardano awareness
  • Play to Earn (P2E) gaming
  • Social causes

1. Sacred Femmes

We begin with Sacred Femmes, a collection-based CNFT project created by women (Sofia, Marjorie, and Carlota) to honor women.

Sacred Femmes collections consist of beautiful hand-drawn NFTs portraying different women and their moons.

The project is centered on the belief in female resilience. It aims to embrace the different artists in El Salvador, build teams that have similar objectives to it, and create more art to reach women on a global scale.

Their first drop, The Ancestors, sold out in December but keep a lookout for assets selling on the secondary market, and if you’re lucky you could buy your very own unique Sacred Femme.

Their next drop, The Great Mothers, should come in the second of three phases, complete with prints and a 10% donation to women’s organizations. The third and final phase will include limited edition Sacred Femmes tarot cards, some merch, and some more prints.

Sacred Femmes are more than just lovely art, they are the women who keep the balance of the universe.

2. Goeglins

Next up is Goeglins, part of the Cadambabo family of projects. It aims to provide the Cardano community with knowledge and increased awareness about properly running stake pools (SPOs) that have low saturation. Thus helping Cardano become more decentralized.

The term “Goeglins” is a combination of Goguen (as in Cardano’s Goguen era) and gremlins. Goeglins aims to achieve its SPO-awareness goal through different generations of Goeglins.

Each generation will showcase one or more Cardano SPOs through Goeglins NFTs and SPO-dedicated pages on the project’s site. Each SPO page will include information about the low saturation stake pool such as:

  • The value added to the Cardano ecosystem
  • The SPO’s reason(s) for building on Cardano
  • How the SPO helps decentralization

Goeglins consists of a collection of 1,000 handmade Halloween art and 10 special edition NFTs. Minting is live at the time of writing and you can get your Goeglin for only 50 ADA each.


DEADPXLZ is one of the most exciting and innovative NFT projects building on Cardano. Created by Adrian Fanatiu, this project is currently a collection of 10,000 code-generated, interactive PXLZ whose moods can be changed and attributes can be viewed through a few taps on a screen.

We write “currently” in italic because there is more to come from the DEADPXLZ project, with Adrian and Fauna, a talented 3D artist, both working on creating a play-to-earn and hold-to-earn game through PXL Wars.

This next phase of the DEADPXLZ project will allow holders of its genesis collection (only 10,000 in existence) to earn from royalty distribution through the creation of new PXLZ intended for the PvP game.

Those who create new PXLZ in the game through the Forge will also be able to earn by going head-to-head with other PXLZ created from the Forge. Making both genesis and Forge PXLZ highly valuable assets.

Though the PXLZ genesis collection sold out last year, you can still buy some off of DEADPXLZ’s very own smart contract-powered marketplace. In fact, this project was the second ever to have a smart contract marketplace on Cardano.

4. Mocossi

Mocossi is a planet populated by 10,000 lovely mocomons called ITOs. These ITOs, available in the form of NFTs, are characters in the Mocossi game with a vision to create the first and best possible pet game on Cardano.

The project’s recently released whitepaper created a lot of excitement within the Cardano community with many anticipating great rewards for holding on to the mocomons.

Holding a genesis Mocossi NFT comes with various benefits such as:

  • Getting early access to the Mocossi game
  • Breeding second-generation mocomons by holding two genesis ones
  • Receiving in-game Mocossi tokens
  • Purchasing land and properties on the Mocossi planet at a discount
  • Receiving exclusive NFTs
  • Owning Unique mocomons that will not be available in future drops

The 10,000 genesis ITOs drop sold out in 2021, but you can always purchase some of these adorable NFTs on the secondary market.

5. Growing Pains

Growing Pains is a collection of 4,444 CNFTs caught up in their feelings, with each NFT character telling its own story.

These NFTs are clay-crafted, fired, and hand-painted by Kat, a professional model maker. Each Growing Pains NFT aims to capture complex and conflicting emotions that nearly everyone faces. Thus showing collectors that they’re not alone in the emotions and conditions they go through, and starting conversations that destigmatize mental health.

To meet its goals, Growing Pains has partnered with Mind, a charity advocating for everyone’s right to mental health support. The project donates 3% to 5% of it its NFT profits to Mind depending on the minting sales. Growing Pains also has plans to partner with global mental health initiatives in the near future.

The project’s first drop sold out towards the end of 2021, but there are plans for a second drop in the second quarter of 2022. And you can always some Growing Pains models on the secondary market.

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With so many great, unique NFT projects building Cardano, it’s easy to get lost in all the awesomeness.

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