Fan Fiction 2

Fan Fiction 2

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(◡‿◡✿)#5563's entry

The stillness of the forest was broken by the sudden chaos. Sounds of war echoed from the village below the temple and Seiryu's heartbeat quickened. Screams, groans, and parrying of metal, smoke, and fire, all could be seen and heard from the village. "Atsuko has invaded-!" "Defend!" a shrill cry escaped the now locked-in battle Daisuke member calling out to the village. An older graceful image of a woman in danger popped into Seiryu's head "Mother!!" but his thoughts were interrupted as the clanking of a metal Torinoko smoke bomb hit the floor- the hissing and vile smell veiling the room of all sensory. Suddenly, a swift kick to the chest sent the young teen flying through the wooden shoji screen.

The force sent him tumbling back into the jade Kirin altar, causing pots, ashes, and offerings to collapse on top of him. Traces of the once holy room lay in destruction. The Butsudan prayer and holy memorial room now a scene of a decisive arena, the hope for peace dissipated in midst of destruction. The only way out was to fight. Seiryu's hand clenched in anger and threw off the wooden boards that collapsed over him. He jumped back to his feet, determined to lay waste to the perpetrator. Quickly looking to arm himself, he focused on the destroyed sacred cabinet.

A dull glint of silver sparkled, catching his eye. He hastily reached to grab his father's retired Sai weapon. But his action was interrupted as a high-pitched ringing made way to where the teen boy stood, as swiftly grabbed the splintered cabinet door, barely blocking the Shurikens that bulleted towards him aimed at his head. Without missing a beat the assassin kept pace as they dashed into the room, swiftly jabbing the space where the teen's chest was a second ago. He quickly tumbled back but wasn't fast enough. His cries echoed the wooden room as his thigh was grazed by the skilled assailants' Kunai. The dark green of his hakama pants, now stained with an ever-growing radius of blood, dyeing it black. They interlocked in battle, parrying and throwing kicks and punches, any victorious hit on the masked Atsuko member was met with the bitter taste of his own blood as his exposed body was met with punishment. Try as he might, he was overpowered and exhausted. The blood loss of battle rendered his body useless, as it became heavier to move, much less dodge, slowly succumbing to his injuries.

Seiryu barely blocked off a Kunai jab to the throat. The Atsuko assailant was merciless, the onslaught of hits increased as the overpowered Daisuke member could do naught but defend. A numbness started spreading through his body, before realizing the Kunai that wounded him was laced with poison. As his body went limp, a jade hilted Kunai zipped past his ear knocking the Kunai out of his assailant's hand. "Mother" he mumbled and slumped over. The vision of his mother blurred into two entities as she transferred into the room, her anger manifested into a stifling aura that surrounded her body. Body taut as a bowstring, long fingertips readied in Taijutsu. She commanded, "Asura, back away from my son". "So you finally decide to show yourself, dear sister. Do you realize how long it took me to find you both? You should've stayed and died with your husband! Don't worry, your boy will soon follow!" she threw her head back and cackled. As if an undisclosed agreement, only one of them would be making it out alive. Asura threw off her mask revealing a disfigured face, only a single icy eye glared back in hatred. "Shall we?" Her lips curled into a blood lustful grin as she released her chi, encasing her body with armor-mirroring her twin sister's auric rage.

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Chocoloco#9308's entry

Every agreement works, at first, then each agreement must endure the test of time. Despite the clear boundaries decided in the past, both Kemuliaan and Kemenangan resemble the Yin and the Yang: intertwined.

Yes, their citizens chose a side: Technology or Faith. But one cannot stay away from wanting more comfort that technology provides; similarly, the hope that believers hold provides comfort in a world deprived of faith.

One faux-pas from the believers held within those high walls of steal, one spark of light coming from a house where nature is the rule could trigger a succession of events that could reshape the balance of power and could turn into a bloody war.

For months both sides felt tensions rising with rumours:

Followers of fake gods calling for leaving technologies behind. Some, more radical than others damaging infrastructures causing real damages in the city of Kemenangan.

In Kemuliaan some would destroy crops on purpose to prove that technology could be the answer to recover from a bad harvest.

A Coup! That is what both leaders perceived. Blaming it on those “spies” sent by the other side.

Not opening a dialogue with the “detractors”, each side started to imprison them. Following a politic of denunciation many started to fear for their lives and started to wish they’d live on the other side.

The bridge that connects both side is naturally controlled by those that can keep it up and running: the Kemenangans. This would become the theatre where the first-blood is spilled, launching the initial battle of a long war.

The only way for the Kemuliaans fleeing would be to cross this path heavily guarded by Kemenangans since the raise of tensions. It is also the point of contact where merchants from Kemuliaan can exchange their harvests for goods manufactured by Kemenangan as long as it does not impact nature. Naturally some bonds were created between merchants from each side and that is where the lords of the underworld, the Atsukos, found there interests: getting people across both sides while getting their cut. Thisis one of the many stream of income they are employing in order to amass enough wealth to take over the Aramar from Kemenangan.

To keep the ball rolling under the nose of the heavy guarded bridge, the plan was simple, switch one person from Kemenangan with one person from Kemuliaan.

One morning, a particularly antsy clandestine from Kemuliaan decided to not follow the guidelines imposed by the Atsuko agents in charge of the swap taking place as the guards inspected the chariots from one of the merchants. One shot in the head was all it took as he was discovered running toward the other side.

The news spread like wildfire:

- “Kemuliaan tried to assassinate our leader” said the Aramar.

- “ Kemenangan shot in cold blood one of merchant” said a Daisuke general.

In an instant, both sides brought hundreds of their troops on each side of the bridge menacing a full scale invasion in retaliation. A long week of waiting followed. Each side expecting the other one to make a move.

“What better timing to weaken both cities?” thought the Atsuko’s leaders? Sending their most trusted commando at night, they snuck on the bridge, and set a bomb on. The explosion blast woke everyone within a ten kilometre radius.

While the soldiers that were guarding the bridge blamed their counter-part, the first arrow was shot at an Aramar.

- “Target down” said the Atsuko scout, “heading back to base”.

As the youngest recruit of the battalion plummeted face first on the ground, rage gained his comrades. Not long after, hundreds of them flooded the bridge seeking revenge.

Panicked and unprepared, the Daisuke army failed to rally on the bridge and decided to hold their ground on their soil, where the bridge ends. If there is one thing they can count on, it is their home: Nature will provide them the defence they need.

Racing through the bridge, the fierce Aramars pounded on the Daisuke, their Katana tainted red with the blood of those that drew the first shot. An easy victory. Or so they believed. As the last enemy fell and those still standing screamed victorious, the floor opened under their feet! Hundreds fell to their doom, impaled by what seems to be a long-time prepared trap. Those that managed to escape such trickery met with giant shadows slicing them through the night.

In the confusion, running to the bridge for his dear life and walking over a pile of bodies from this mass-grave in the making, a young soldier felt a whisper that would freeze anyone’s blood: “Make sure one of them comes back to Kemenangan…”.

As the screams ended and as morning came, the first light revealed what man is capable of: not one living soul was to be seen on the battlefield. Lead by one of its top commander, the rear of the Aramar’s army finally reached the edge of the bridge on Kemuliaan. The mutilated bodies, shredded limbs left no other conclusion:

- “An Urshanabi took part in this battle!” she screamed in anger. “Peace was never an option for those Pagans!”

As her troops demoralised started to show signs of fear, she turned around to face them, branded her weapon and shouted “If they want war, we will give them war!”. No one but her could change the moral of an entire army within seconds.

She charged towards the first set of houses seeking for Daisuke’s survivors to slaughter.

To her surprise, she was ambushed by well-organised shock-troopers from the Daisuke ranks, them too seeking vengeance for the death of their brothers. Those formidable foes sliced through many of the poorly trained souls until only the strong remained. Evenly matched, each side looked for ways to shift the trend in their favour until only 2 silhouettes remained standing, hardly visible through the sick layer of dust created by the chaos of the battle.

Without any second thought she drew her Urshanabi out to end this fight quickly. “One strike” she repeated to herself, “I only need one strike”.

As the formidable blue blade of her spirit cut through the air at an unfathomable speed to decapitate her enemy, she was met with the shied of her protector that deflected a monstruous attack from an unknown assailant.

Slowly standing back on her feet she said: “You are the one that killed all my men last night!” she said “Urshanabi’s are not to be used for war! Never!” she added in anger and tears.”

His mask falling off, broken from the attack of the Blue-spirit of the Aramar, revealed  a face familiar to her that smiled and nodded in agreement. “You drew your spirit first Levi, guardian of the Urshanabi Anaisthitos. I was acting in self defence”.

His smile faded away slowly while he was joined by reinforcement forcing Levi to flee back to Kemenangan.

As both armies agreed to a seize fire to recover the bodies of their fallen, fear slowly settled in the cities. But not everyone is struggling with such feeling and a small group gathered in the shadows discusses their plans to take part in the conflict to come. This private summit concluded on these words: “Today is the beginning of a new era where the order in place will shatter. We shall keep operating in the shadows until our moment to strike in the open is within our grasp.” said with a calm and calculating voice the ruler of the Urshanabi Morana.


Puggawugg#0248’s entry

Title: The pre battle/love of cabbage dog companion aka pug

It was a pretty serene day. The haughty Atsuko member watched from a nearby bush, at the ready to mug the next passerbyer. He watched as a Daisuke member slowly trotted up the hill, talking to a playful green bulb. As they got closer the Atsuko member could see it was cabbage like in shape. He was so preoccupied by the floating cabbage excitedly zooming around in all directions in response to an inaudible question he didn't notice he was being watched. He watched as the simple dressed Daisuke laugh as he dug into his front pocket. He slowly danced out a small leafed parcel and began to upwrap it. The cabbage blob manifested itself bigger into an hybrid cabbage dog properly commencing what is known as "zoomies" as it went apeshit in excitement. The Daisuke member reeled his arm back, ready to throw the contents of the parcel in a game of fetch and in response the cabbage dog did even faster donuts around its owner. It bounced up and down in true dog like in nature, then froze in anticipation as the Daisuke member released, sending what appeared to be meatballs wurling through the air. The entire situation purplexed the onlooker, as he continued to observe the pair, eyes growing wide and for the first time in his life, smiled a big ole grin, eyes sparkling like a school girl locking eyes on her senpai. It was love at first sight.

The bushy haired Atsuko member clumsily leaped out of the bush pointing at the cabbage speck in the sky as it created a little shooting star as it grabbed the last meatball, beelining it back to its owner. The Atsuko member demanded the Daisuke member to hand over the cabbage. The Daisuke member refused, and the cabbage bulb gracefully plopped in front of its owner, ready to defend. Suddenly the Atsuko member dropped to his knees, eyes full of tears as he rolled back and forth on the floor, lamenting the overload of cuteness he's ever seen in his life. "Pretty please?" he whined, stopping every now and then to get a peek at the cabbage bulb, and crying all over as he stared at its big obsidian eyes, little literal looking toe beans and bazooka canon tail. Suddenly he leaped up and asked in a very serious tone, "Where do I get one?" The Daisuke slowly shook his said and responded "Sorry bro- Daisuke clan only" and shrugged looking unapologetic as he smugly mumbled about being the best clan and "must suck to suck". The Atsuko member shook his head and demanded "There HAS to be a price, everyone has a price". The Daisuke member whistled, the cabbage dog manifested itself back into a smaller version of itself and rested on the shoulder of his owner in a true French girl fashion. "Idk bro, go take it up with the elders..?" The Atsuko member said nothing as he ran off back into clan grounds sword at the ready to start a riot.

META G DonsCoyote-Ninjaz#1889's Entry

The cold water pelted Don Quix’s face like small shards of glass; heart racing, blood pumping, he could hardly feel it. The revs of the five jet skis hot on his tail were quickly getting louder. Tucking his torso and bowing his head, he thrust the throttle as far as it could go. He could see the beach shore quickly getting closer. In an instant, Daisuke dart’s and shuriken peppered his jet ski and damaged his console. The console erupted in a plume of smoke and electricity. From his jacket pocket a robotic voice screamed.

“Brace for impact!.”

Don planted his feet and gave a quick pat check to the sling bag across his chest. The bow of the jet ski tore into the shallow beach sand, gouging a trench in the sand, and crushing the jet ski like a soda can. The impact launched Don into the air, but with a quarter turn, he corrected mid air and landed sliding twenty yards across the fine white sand of Kebuntuan, the small island neutral zone between Kemuliaan and Kemenangan. Don brought the sling over his head and rested it on his shoulder and then removed the drone from his jacket and placed it at his feet.

“Five elite; one Druid class, three Warrior class, one Healer class.” the synthetic monotone of the drone analyzed as the Daisuke ninjas dismounted their jet skis.

“Thanks Roci, now stay put!” Don ordered.

Roci whirred as if computing, but did not respond.

“I said stay Roci!” Don reiterated.

“There’s nowhere left to run Aramar carpetbagger!” one of the Daisuke warriors yelled across the blanket of sand.

“Who said I was running?” Don retorted and lightly rested his hand on the hilt of his sword.

“It’s the Hearken Blade! The Druid exclaimed.

The five Daisuke suddenly took a more serious stance creating a small formation guarding the Druid in the back. The Druid quickly knelt and punched his hand into the sand, muttering some echantations. The ground began to swell around Don’s feet loosening his foothold, a trick he was all too familiar with by now. He quickly caught a glimmer of light peeking through the space between the front-most warrior’s arm and torso–a break in formation. Like the strike of a scorpion, Don’s segmented blade extended forward slicing through the window at the side of the warrior’s torso making a clean puncture through the trachea of the kneeling Druid behind him. The Druid let out a gurgling cry as Don regained his footing. The Healer quickly tended to the Druid attempting to compress his neck as the white sand was stained red.

And then there were three.

The small drone acting on its own sprinted forward spraying sand in its tracks. The Daisuke warriors, now in a scattered defensive stance, donned oaken armor and began to advance in rage.

“Dammit Roci! Don exclaimed as he suddenly lost control of the situation and lunged forward to try to catch the drone with his foot.

As if playfully avoiding his trip, the drone raced forward below the closest warrior’s legs and quickly spun around. Winding its internal springs it prepared to launch. It’s monotone voice seemed to break for a brief second in excitement.

“Thousand years of pai….” The drone launched forward like a rocket aiming for a small target of the warrior’s gluteal region, but it’s mission quickly ended in a failure of scattered drone parts on the sand.

“What the hell?” the Daisuke warrior muttered with confusion and dusted off robotic debris from his now bark-like fist.

“Give us the bag!” the Daisuke ninja to Don’s left demanded.

A thunderous boom reverberated across the land sending a ripple through the waves along the beach shore as a billowing dark cloud burst from one of Kemuliaan’s high rises. Don’s heart sank for a brief moment, but he quickly strengthened his resolve and used the moment to drop the sling bag and toss some sand over it with his foot.

“So much for diplomacy! This is what happens when you are unwilling to compromise.” Left Warrior sneered.

“Your fruitless mission ends now.” Right Warrior threatened as they approached from all sides. His chest rose with rage creating a crackling sound in the hardened oak armor donning his chest.

Like a bladed tornado, Don Quix whipped out the Hearken Blade as he spun in a circle. The blades scattered chunks of bark to the wind, but this time got caught wrapped around Center Warrior’s oaken arm.

Ah shit! Don thought as the Center Warrior abruptly pulled him forward. With a vice grip Don held tight and pulled with the momentum narrowly dodging a counter punch and sliding under the warrior's legs on the sand. He grappled his ankle and regretfully let go of the sword hilt causing the Center Warrior to double over and and flip with his back hitting the sand.

Don sprung up from the sand, but caught a blow to his right arm and shoulder from a hard wooden claw shredding the thick leather of his jacket and revealing some tattooed rune markings on his arm. Left Warrior took the opening and grabbed Don’s arm as Center Warrior laboriously got up and dislodged the Hearken scale blades from his arm. Don could feel the grip tight around his arm, choking his forearm and further revealing the tattooed extension of the runes ending with the body of a phoenix and the head of a lion. The cracking of tightening oak caused splintering pain, but began to illuminate Don’s tattoos with a faint orange glow.

“Die traitor! Center Warrior exclaimed as he held the Hearken Blade overhead for a vertical strike while Don was constrained by the other two Warriors.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were yo….” Don warned, wincing though the pain. The glow of his tattoos grew and the Hearken Blade too began to illuminate with a similar hue.

Through side-eye Don could see the satisfactory glance of the two warriors holding him down as he was about to meet his doom.

With a sweeping vertical strike, the Center Warrior brought the blade down, slicing through the air for a coup-de-grace. The blades extended and separated forming a glowing arch, but as if acting on their own, ripped through the back of the Daisuke wielder’s skull as he brought the blade down to strike. Spattered blood painted the faces of Don and the two Daisuke warriors remaining. Center Warrior slumped to the ground, the sand deafening the fall to his face. Don planted his feet and with great might flung Left Warrior towards Right Warrior feeling the bone crunch in his left forearm as he executed the maneuver. Both warriors sprawled backwards, their vision obscured by the blood of their fallen comrade on their faces. Hastily, the two Daisuke finally moved to draw their swords, but it was too late. With his arm emitting a fiery yellow-orange glow Don punctured the air with a devastating blow. The booming roar of a lion mixed with the cry of a bird echoed through the smoky air as more fires seemed to have erupted from the ancient city in the distance. In a flash, the spirit of a hybrid Lion-Phoenix pulsed from Don’s fist as it made contact with the Daisuke Warrior. The blow shattered the Warriors chest and ribcage like glass and pierced through his clan mate behind him. The two lifeless bodies toppled to the ground like dominoes.

Don picked up the bloodied Hearken Blade and the sling bag, sheathing the sword and throwing the bag over his shoulder. Through blurred red vision, he could see a figure being placed on one of the jet skis. He wiped the blood off his face with his tattered jacket sleeve and saw the Healer taking off from the shore with a limp body strapped to her back. The other four jet skis had been scuttled–half buried in the sand.

I hate loose ends. Don thought to himself as he gathered the pieces of his dismembered drone scattered across the sand.

“You are the true phoenix Roci.” Don remarked and tucked the parts into the intact inner pocket of his jacket.

Don picked up a wakizashi from one of the fallen Daisuke and sliced off two long unsoiled bands of fabric from the Warriors garment and began wrapping his forearm.

“If only you knew…it didn’t have to end this way; it was a dead end.” Don solemnly remarked, gathering the bodies and covering them with sand. With the remaining piece of fabric he formed a cross with the wakizashis and staked it into the sand.

Don glanced inside the bag across his shoulder. As if living, it pulsed with energy. He sighed and knelt briefly to take in some deep breaths. No rest for the weary he thought and stood back up. Muted siren alarms could be heard in the distance as bursts of light reflected off his eyes. Nothing more than glass against some lightning in the sky.

Dames Bond#9771's entry

The scene is set at Hati Suci hospital in the city of Kemenangan. 3 Atsuko ninjas convene in the darkness, plotting their scheme, whilst 2 Aramar ninjas are tasked with guarding a certain asset.

Bruce: Damn how did we get stuck watching this guy?

Gin: He was captured during a recent skirmish and the Captain believes he can be of value if we get him to talk.

Bruce: But why us, why not people who are trained to do this sort of thing? I mean what if the Atsuko come to get him?

Gin: Well because this was the nearest hospital, and we were on shift. We can’t have clan members here in force scaring the other patients. We just have to treat his wounds and the Captain will send people to pick him up later. Besides there’s two sentries outside the entrance that the Atsuko would have to get past first.

Bruce: *looking out the window at the full moon* I hope you’re right ma’am...

*Outside the hospital*

Lynn: Ok we’ll go over the plan once more. Wren was captured and is being treated here. The boss wants us to get rid of him before he tells those uptight Aramar our secrets. That Wren was never good at keeping his mouth shut, the bastard. It’s a full moon tonight so I’ll use my Santa Muerte to get rid of the tinmen guarding the entrance. Wren is on the second floor, room #284. We go in, put him out of his misery, and get out.

Initiate #1: Are there going to be Aramar soldiers guarding him? I wasn’t trying to be admitted into the hospital myself tonight.

Lynn: What! I thought you wanted to be an Atsuko? If you wanna be a pansy about it, you can go join Daisuke instead. Boss said if you can do this, he may consider promoting you two to clan status.

Initiate #2: C’mon man it’ll be easy, it’s a hospital. At most we’ll be going up against some medical nin who don’t have the gusto to make it on the battlefield.

Lynn: That’s the spirit! Let’s get this over with so I can go home and watch “The Nightlord” with my hubby.

*Lynn mutters an incantation and activates her companion’s special power. Her Santa Muerte’s eyes glow in the full moon and the Aramar sentinels begin to discharge electricity and suddenly explode in a loud thunderous boom*

Gin: What the hell was that noise?

Bruce: Damnit I knew they would come for him. What do we do I’m not good with swords like my cousin! There’s only two of us and who knows how many of them…

Gin: Calm down Bruce! I need you to focus ok. Contact the Captain for back up and watch that scum, don’t let him out of your sight. I’ll go downstairs and assess how many assailants there are.

*Gin runs outside into the corridor and towards the stairs. Smoke begins to fill the hall and the lights have gone out into emergency power mode.

Gin: Everyone get to safety it’s going to be ok!

*She sees 3 shadowy figures navigate onto the 2nd floor from the stairs in front of her*

Lynn: Well, well it seems we have little miss badass over here, are you watching Wren all by yourself? What has he told you?

Gin: I’m not alone *she bluffs* there are 4 more Aramar soldiers in the room guarding him. Turn back while you can, or you’ll be joining him.

Initiate #1: We don’t want any trouble, just let us do what we came to do so we can all go home unscathed huh…

Lynn: *annoyed* What do you think I am stupid!? If you had the muscle, they’d be out here instead of you princess. You might have these two tree huggers soiling their britches, but you don’t have me fooled for a second! We’re gonna kill that rat and there’s nothing you can do about it *laughs maniacally*

Initiate #2: “I’M AN ATSUKO THROUGH AND THROUGH LET ME PROVE MYSELF” he screams as he charges Gin with his spear.

*Unbeknownst to them Gin used to be a battle medic before she transitioned back into the civilian medical sector. Gin unsheathes both of her katanas and parries his spear thrust, then counters with a swift kick to his dome knocking him onto the ground. *

Lynn: Ho ho this is gonna be fun! The princess has some fight after all *huge smirk* *Lynn unsheathes her chainsaw katana and helps Initiate #2 off the floor* On your feet I have no patience for babysitting tonight!

*Lynn and initiate #2 both attack Gin in unison and put her on the defensive. Gin parries and dodges, Lynn swings her long sword scraping the walls and all furniture in her wake. Initiate #1 watches on, torn between fight or flight*

Lynn: Hey dummy you gonna just stand there looking pretty or what!? Go complete the task or I’ll end up killing you too!! We can handle this broad.

*Initiate #1 shook by the recent threat is frozen in his tracks*

Lynn: WELL! *She barks at him*

Initiate #1: Yes ma’am! *Finally, his limbs move, and he runs towards room #284

Gin: Bruce heads up you’re about to get company! *She shouts*

*Inside the room Bruce can hear metal clashing and furniture being strewn about. He hears Gin’s warning and sees the doorknob rattle. He had locked the door. Initiate #1 kicks the door down and is relieved to see only two people in the room*

Bruce: Stay back! I’m sworn to protect my patients from harm even if he’s an Atsuko thug like you.

Initiate #1: Who said we came here to hurt him?

Bruce: I may not be physically gifted, but I do make up for it in brains and it doesn’t take much to figure out with the way Atsuko operates. Why would you want to kill him? He’s part of your clan! Do you not have any morals?

Initiate #1: Look I don’t need a lecture from you okay Mr. high and mighty! Wren is a liability! The boss wants him dead, so you don’t learn our secrets. Do this and I can be part of the clan officially. I’ll be important, I’ll be wanted…

Bruce: Wanted? If they treat one clan member like this, who’s to say they won’t do the same to you one day? Do you deem your life expendable? This Wren has been unconscious since he’s been here and hasn’t spilt anything to us.

Initiate #1: I don’t care what you think! If you’re not going to move then I’ll have to do you in as well…if I don’t, Lynn will end me herself. Either way I’m in way too deep and I choose my life over yours intern.

*Bruce clenches his sword ready to defend. Then he sees it. Behind the Atsuko ready to attack, there is an Aramar sentry drone with its weapon out about to slice in a downward motion. *

Bruce: Watch out! *Bruce blurts out, but it’s too late. The Atsuko assailant turns to look behind him and the drone slices down into his left shoulder killing him instantly. *

*His body drops to the floor. Blood begins to pool; it had splattered everywhere spackling the doorway in red droplets. Bruce backs up against the wall and slides down it in disbelief. He’s seen dead bodies before, but nothing as brutal and fresh as what had just occurred. The pool of blood grows and its thick like the strawberry syrup he puts on his sundaes, it makes him so sick he wants to hurl. He can’t bear to look into the lifeless eyes staring back at him. *

Sentry: Stay here you are safe now *The sentry says in its electronic voice*

* It turns towards the fight in the hallway and proceeds to go assist Gin. Lynn sees the sentry covered in a spray of blood. Her heart beats a little faster and for a moment she’s scared. *

Lynn: Hey terminator where were you hiding this whole time huh? *She disengages Gin and heads towards the sentry* Initiate keep her busy while I handle the tinman. Let’s see if he has a heart after all!

*The sentry walks forward raising its arm and slashes at Lynn, but she jumps backward to dodge. The mechanical arm moves again slashing in an upward motion and Lynn must parry it. Again, the blade comes down with pace and Lynn blocks it with her sword, inches above her head. She feels the strength of the bot pushing down on her sword. Suddenly *shik* a tiny arm unfolds from the sentry’s body holding a small blade and it stabs at Lynn. She gasps in relief as the blade is stopped by a red forcefield.

Lynn: Gracias Madre that was a close one *she says realizing her Santa Muerte had saved her from certain death. She pushes with all her might the sentry’s sword aside and creates space between them* Sneaky little bastard…enough playing around its time to take out the recycling.

*She mutters and incantation and her sword start to glow red hot. She runs forward leaping high into the air and slashes down at the sentry. The sentry blocks her attack but it’s no use, her sword melts right through the sentry’s blade and slices him in half*

Lynn: “I guess I was just too hot to handle” she says smugly. *She then proceeds towards the room that Bruce and the unconscious Wren are in*

Lynn: Gee he sure made a mess of things *she jokes as she walks over the dead body. She sees Bruce against the wall still in shock* I’ve wasted too much time here; you just stay put like a good little lion cub and I’ll be on my way. *Bruce closes his eyes in dismay, disappointed in himself for not being stronger. *

Lynn: Wake up Wren! *She shakes him until his eyes begin to open* It’s time to get out of here!

Wren: What’s going on? Where am I? * He says all groggy eyed. Then his eyes open wide in horror seeing the dead body in front of him* What the hell, what the hell man!? *He tries to get up but winces in pain from his wounds*

Lynn: Don’t worry buddy we’re here to rescue you. Can you move?

*He tries to get up again off the bed but again agonizes from the pain*

Lynn: Don’t worry I’ll help you. *She reaches out and grabs his hand pulling him up and towards her. *Squish* Wren gasps for air and looks down at the blade planted deep into his stomach, blood gushing out*

Lynn: You should see your face right now ha-ha! You really thought you were being saved. *“I never did like you yenno” she whispers into his ear up close. “No one betrays Atsuko without paying in blood”. She pulls the dagger out of Wren and cleans her blade on his shirt*

*Meanwhile outside, Gin has gone onto the offensive. The newcomer is no match for her experience with the dual katanas and eventually she hits her mark. She parries his spear thrust with one blade and counter stabs with the other. He falls to the floor, losing a lot of blood but still conscious*

Gin: You should have just left *she says staring down at her assailant as he bleeds out*

Lynn: And you shouldn’t have dyed your hair orange, it’s just not your color babe. *Gin huffs at Lynn’s remark. * *Lynn looks over at the initiate bleeding out on the floor* I suppose he wasn’t Atsuko material after all.

*Bright lights fill the corridor, finally Aramar reinforcements have arrived. You can hear the buzzing of the drones outside*

Lynn: I guess that’s my cue, seeya later princess! *Lynn throws down a smoke bomb and disappears into the darkness*

Gin: For your sake I hope we don’t…