How Do Cardano NFTs Bring More People Into Crypto and the Blockchain?

How Do Cardano NFTs Bring More People Into Crypto and the Blockchain?

NFTs on Cardano commonly referred to as CNFTs, aren’t just jpegs as many no-coiners call them.

There are plenty of different kinds of CNFTs with different utilities, but the one thing they all share is their ability to bring in more people into Cardano.

Today, we look at how Cardano’s NFTs have become a way of not just introducing other crypto enthusiasts to the blockchain, but also a way to bring in people who are new to crypto.

Bringing in People New to the Crypto Space

For people who don’t fully understand crypto, trying to explain things in terms of ticker symbols such as ADA or BTC isn’t always effective - even though it very well should be.

However, showing them digital assets that would appeal to them through beauty, utility, and value, is a simpler way of convincing them that crypto is the way to go.


The Stunning Art

Many CNFT projects are created through mind-blowing, unique art that’s appealing to everyone. Simply look at PFP NFTs for proof of this.

It’s not just PFPs attracting more and more people into the space either. There are works from brilliantly-talented artists being minted on Cardano as we speak.

As people see the art, they can’t help but want to own it. And to own it requires more knowledge of the blockchain these NFTs are created on. On Cardano, it requires:

  1. Understanding what ADA is.
  2. Learning how to acquire ADA from exchanges.
  3. Knowing how to move your ADA to a different wallet that’s not on the exchange.
  4. Doing your own research on the CNFT project you’re interested in.
  5. Finding out how to mint or buy the CNFT.
  6. Discovering CNFT marketplaces.

Pretty soon, a crypto-newcomer finds themselves deep down the rabbit hole without even knowing it.

The Utility of It All

There’s more to stunning art though. A lot of CNFT projects provide great utility for their owners whether that’s:

  • Being part of an exclusive community.
  • Earning from holding the digital asset.
  • Getting airdrops of other CNFTs from the same project.
  • Voting on project initiatives.
  • Owning part of the project and supporting it by holding the CNFT.

Artists can create their own CNFTs, offer them to their no-coiner fanbase, and profit significantly from it without the need for middlemen. This then brings in more people into Cardano.

The Profits You Can Make

A third appealing factor to those that aren’t into crypto yet is the profits that can be made through flipping CNFTs.

People may not fully understand how markets work, but most folks understand the art of flipping valuable items for a profit.

It’s very simple:

  1. Buy or mint a CNFT.
  2. Keep an eye on the CNFT project’s floor price.
  3. Hodl.
  4. Sell your CNFT for a price you’re happy with.

When you consider that in a bull market the price of ADA is also likely to go up, well that’s a lot of profits for holding a CNFT.

Bringing in Crypto Enthusiasts From Other Blockchains

CNFTs can also be very attractive investments to those of us who are already in the crypto space but are looking for affordable NFTs and something special.

As time passes more and more people invested in other blockchains turn to Cardano for its NFTs and there are two good reasons why.

The Affordability Compared to Other Blockchains

We all know how expensive transactions on a certain blockchain usually are. Often, these gas prices prohibit us from buying things we’d really want with that cryptocurrency.

Add in the fact that most NFT minting prices on that blockchain are quite high already and you’ve got a recipe for disaster bound to leave minters wondering if there are better alternatives.

Average Mint Price on Ethereum: 0.08 ETH (+ gas)

Average Mint Price on Cardano: 40 ADA (+ ~0.18 ADA in dust)

Once you do the math, it’s easy to see why more and more people choose CNFTs as a more affordable way to get their NFTs.

The Strong Communities on Cardano

If affordability isn’t already a major appeal to crypto enthusiasts, then consider the various CNFT communities built around great projects.

Whereas other blockchains and their NFTs are more concerned about price speculation, CNFT communities are mostly about helping each other out, sharing ideas, and building together. This stems from the core values of Cardano itself and legit CNFT projects are doing a great job in consistently showcasing this.

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this?

Join Your Clan Today

Now that you know about the key reasons behind the increased adoption of Cardano through CNFTs it’s time to get in on the fun.

Be part of a CNFT project that’s unlike any other. Be part of ADA Ninjaz and get to decide on a manga and an anime’s story’s development. Join us by buying one of our CNFTs from a reliable marketplace today.