What Are the Different General NFT Marketplaces on Cardano?

What Are the Different General NFT Marketplaces on Cardano?

Scenario 1: You recently learned about NFTs on Cardano and how amazing they are. You’ve had your eye on a particular CNFT project you couldn’t wait to get into. Unfortunately, you missed on the mint and you’re now looking for ways to get your CNFT on the secondary market.

Scenario 2: You’re part of the lucky ones that got to mint a stunning CNFT and you’re looking to cash in on your luck. You want to flip your CNFT for a considerable profit.

In both cases, your best bet to achieving your goal is to find and use a reliable CNFT marketplace.

Fortunately, that’s what we’re looking at today: safe, general marketplaces where you can, at the time of writing, buy and sell various NFTs on Cardano.

NFT Marketplaces on Cardano:


CNFT.io homepage

Let’s kick things off with the O.G. marketplace on Cardano: CNFT.io.

Launched in July 2021, this marketplace can lay claim to being the first and most popular platform to buy and sell CNFTs.

Here, you’re likely to find CNFTs of most projects you’ve been eyeing and willing buyers of the token(s) you’re trying to sell. It’s become the first point of reference for newcomers in the non-fungible tokens space.

Top Feature: You can find verified CNFTs that have authentic policy IDs displayed with a yellow tick next to them.

More than just a marketplace, CNFT.io also has other tools coming in the near future such as:

  • Minting
  • Launching projects
  • A betadex to swap for $CNFT utility tokens


Tokhun homepage

Another of Cardano’s major marketplaces, Tokhun provides a world-class minting platform and marketplace for NFTs and FTs on the blockchain.

To buy or sell tokens on this platform, you first need to create your very own Tokhun wallet and fill it with some ADA.

Top Feature: You can sell various CNFTs as one single bundle.

With its smart contract capabilities, you can choose to purchase a token and receive it instantly. No waiting around for the seller to send it to you.

Additionally, its recent partnership with CNFT.tools allows you to check the rarity of the digital asset you’re looking to buy.

JPG Store

JPG Store homepage

The first multi-collection NFT store on Cardano, JPG Store is an innovative marketplace that uses smart contracts so that you don’t have to rely on any third party to buy or sell CNFTs.

As such, to transact on the platform you need to connect your Nami wallet:

  1. Download the Nami extension for your browser.
  2. Create your personal wallet and send some ADA to it.
  3. Connect the wallet to JPG Store.
  4. If you’re buying an NFT, all you have to do is click the ‘Buy’ button and sign the transaction.
  5. If you’re selling an NFT, it has to be one from a supported collection.

Top Feature: JPG Store looks at the CNFTs in your Nami wallet to determine whether the NFTs you hold are sellable.

Genesis House

Genesis House homepage

Genesis House is the CNFT marketplace that backs creators.

As well as the ability to sell Cardano NFTs, this platform offers an auction option. It also allows you to see available assets from entire collections.

Top Feature: Genesis House provides royalties to CNFT creators on the sale of their assets.

Like JPG Store, Genesis House requires you to connect a Nami wallet to transact NFTs.


adapix homepage

Adapix is the latest CNFT marketplace with smart contract capabilities.

Similar to JPG Store and Genesis House, this marketplace only deals with verified CNFT collections to ensure that the assets are from genuine projects.

Top Feature: Adapix has a very clean, simple, straightforward user interface that makes the entire process smooth as butter.

According to their roadmap, Adapix intends to implement cool features such as:

  • Minting CNFTs
  • Trading various assets such as domains and VR-world products

Time to Transact

With multiple marketplaces incorporating amazing features to choose from, you can ensure you’re buying or selling CNFTs safely and conveniently.

Remember to always visit all the marketplaces when looking to transact as you could:

  • Find more affordable assets on one marketplace compared to others.
  • Sell your CNFT for more on one site than on another.

Now that you know where to purchase your CNFTs and make a profit from them, it’s time to invest in a project. One with plenty of utility, an amazing, engaging community, and all the information you need to learn about NFTs on Cardano.

Buy an ADA Ninjaz NFT on one of the marketplaces above today and join your clan on discord.