Ninjaz Bio Short Stories

Ninjaz Bio Short Stories

Five Winning Entries

These entries are not listed in any particular order.

$wolves#5222's entry - Atsuko #6555

Ayane Kinomoto (Atsuko #6555), also known as Yana Tepes, is the daughter of Mina Tepes and Hanzo Kinomoto.

Mina, a former member of the Daisuke clan, was rescued by an advanced Atsuko unit from an ambush by the Aramar clan, which turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. The injured and unconscious Mina was taken by the Atsuko unit to their nearby safehouse.

The leader of the Atsuko unit, Hanzo Kinomoto, fell in love with the beautiful Mina as he aided her recovery and, soon enough, she requited his affection. Her bonds with the other members of the unit also grew strong when she witnessed first-hand that these Atsuko were not the heartless criminals she’d been made to believe – to her, they became family.

Mina and Hanzo had a child and named her Ayane. As Ayane grew older, the unit members treated her as their baby sister. They saw great potential in her athleticism, acrobatic prowess and her quick wits. They were tough on her when it came to her ninja training and Ayane loved to test herself against their high standards, which rapidly made her their equal by the time she turned fifteen.

(◡‿◡✿)#5563's entry - Aramar #3346

¿Kore? An infamous hack-kage group ran by the 23 yo mastermind Cue ball. Well known in the Aramars "Sol" district, they need no introduction as word on the street spreads of the heroic and villainous deeds they commit. Being the most wanted and adored vigilantes in the Aramar Clan, they really try to spread the mantra that "Technology should bring people together". The goal in targeting various corporate companies, politicians, pharmaceuticals, and laboratories is to keep all government officials in check to ensure peace reigns for Aramar, and the citizens of Ninava. "Transparency is the name of the game and we are here for it." As their broadcast screen goes live, all Aramarians stop as the signature black and purple pyramid hack-kage screen flashes and it is the only clue given to the government officials in terms of identity. Many fans of the group wear the merchandised hoodie as a sign of solidarity in what ¿Kore? is trying to achieve. This unity masks any potential leads, hindering Aramars government officials and all launched investigations due to the overwhelming support. All routes eventually lead to a dead end. The biggest hint released is a simple clue patched on their sleeve. "GRDN".

META G DonsCoyote-Ninjaz#1889's entry - Atsuko #2074

Dancing leaves of a flame reflecting off her eyes are some of the earliest of Kazuya's memories. She regularly watched as Daisuke forests and villages were burned to the ground by her clan. The crackles of burning wood and the radiating warmth of the flames provided a soothing comfort to her soul amidst screams of burning flesh. As she matured, the beckon of the flame never left. In order to blend with Aramar, she joined an inter-league tennis team to compete with Aramar prep schools and perform espionage. She became infamous during a tournament game in which her last recorded words were "Game-Set-Match" before lighting a match and setting the stadium aflame.

Bond, ❖₳𝐑₳𝐌₳𝐑❖ Bond's entry - Atsuko #8182

Cristina "Lynn" Villagomez wasn't always who she is today. She used to be more soft spoken and would get picked on constantly. Her parents put her into martial arts to help build her confidence, but doing so changed her entirely. With her new found power she herself became the bully and never allowed anyone to dis her without retaliation. Through a boyfriend, she was able to join the Atsuko clan. They further nurtured her rage and lust for power. They helped train her to be adept with a sword and fine tuned her fighting. She even earned her own companion whom further bolsters her abilities under a full moon. With a sarcastic, dark sense of humor and the skills to back it up, this pantheress is driven to constantly test her limits and descend the ranks of Atsuko to power.

Puggawugg | ÄT§UĶØ's entry- Atsuko #1504

Coral had come from a long line of Atsuko Clan members, and naturally, her family was extremely loyal to the clan, grooming her to be the next representing member of their family. The goal was for her to be the companion of the Atsuko General, Kao.  Once such decision was decided, it was taboo to show her face to anyone else. Being chosen as his bride meant she needed to be above everyone else, in every way and exceptional to keep the attention of such a high ranked clan member. Quiet and self kept as a teen, often because she was left alone after rigorous fight training she would try to sneak off to a nearby library to learn about the world she was kept from knowing. She saw many things, and on the cover of a particular magazine art- she saw a pink haired singer. As an act of rebellion against the traditional masked bride ceremony- she paid off an attendant to grab her some hair dye, and dyed her hair, to match such an idol. The general was amused, seeing that Coral wasn't just some brainless mutt, started taking her out on expeditions to appease her world curiosity.

Other submissions

Hibiscus (◡‿◡✿) - Atsuko #7425

On a nearby mountain in the neutral territory of the slums, a purple bun-haired girl was busy collecting and chopping herbs. Picked up from an orphanage, when she was a child, her adopted mother was a humanitarian witch that had strong standings with Atsuko due to her selflessness in a world that spurred competition and violence. 

Her origin clan was suspected to be Daisuke, with the extensive knowledge of herbs, plants, and the occult but she never favored one clan over the other. Wherever aid was requested, she would be there. She provided free medicinal care, and meals while helping in any way she could to those in need. Despite wielding a cleaver from all the medicinal and cooking she did, her philosophy on life was "never the reason something bleeds, regardless of physically or mentally". When the time came that she could no longer keep up, the cleaver was passed down to her affectionately named daughter- Ube. 

Ube aspired to follow the same path and was moved by the unconditional love her mother had for the people of Ninava. She continued to carry on the apothecary and soup kitchen in the neutral slums- and was a beacon of light.

Hibiscus (◡‿◡✿) - Atsuko #7686

In the Atsuko clan, Honon confronted a council member as he investigated funds were being stolen from the clan. Upon being found out, the two Atsuko clan members fought to the bitter end. Huyana, his partner, began to go into premature labor once finding out about her husband's death. The aftermath: one healthy girl and one stillborn boy had been birthed. The shock of losing so much, was too much for Tapia's mother to bear, That, along with birthing complications, had caused her death. In her last breath, she wished for her stillborn Liwanu to have another chance at life and for Taipa to be watched over and guided in her place. A merciful God decided this turn of events was too cruel, even for revenge, and fulfilled her dying wish. As the circle of life rotates, one life ended, and so another was given. Taipa inherited his conscience and started calling her brother's spirit Achak. Her brother's conscience, Achak can manifest into a (wisp) spirit form and keeps Taipa company in her thoughts. He is often on alert, alerting his sister of any danger. Taipa excelled and replaced her father's rank. She seeks to enforce justice and peace within the clan. 

ADA_Aces - Atsuko #6666

When his eyes ceased to stop bleeding after a horrific battle, he chose to don the mask of the Atsuko. He proceeded to earn his right to wear it, cleaving through the ranks to become one of the most savage, ruthless killers ever spawned from the clan.

They say he can find a shadow to hide beneath in broad daylight. They tell tales of the inky aura that supposedly surrounds his presence. There are those that even claim he can perform feats unfathomable with a pair of wind and fire wheels.

But “they” talk a lot, don't they? The truth is, there isn't a single soul with enough blood left in their corporeal body to speak on anything of which he is capable. You don't defend against a Demon; you do your best to not end up on its bad side.