Ninjaz: Shards of Ninava Alpha Walkthrough

Ninjaz: Shards of Ninava Alpha Walkthrough

How to start?

The Basics

  1. You will need to have a Cardano wallet (Nami, Eternl, Gero, Typhon, Flint, or Card) installed with at least ONE transaction, holding an ADA NinjaZ NFT is not necessary though.
  • We recommend using a NEW/BURNER wallet as scam websites imitating our game will likely appear in the future. You can never be too safe.
  1. Upon entering the game you will need to pick a clan. Choose wisely as you will not be able to switch clans
  1. There will be two arenas that you can enter to play -
  • Arena Fights:

  • Clan Wars:

  • Clan Wars will cost 1x Clan Wars Ticket per game
  • To get Clan War Tickets you must first complete Arena Fights to receive it as loot rewards and/or purchase in the in-game shop
  1. Equipment is split into tiers (T1-T5), with each tier having their own rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary). These assembled using assembly:

  1. Following the assembly you can equip them in the inventory

  1. Game bugs and feedback can be provided by clicking Give Feedback in the game lobby
  1. There will be BUGS, as this is the playable alpha, please use the feedback form (as discussed in point 7) to provide us with any errors you find

How to play?

What are the game controls?

  1. Movement keys - W A S D
  2. Attack - left mouse click
  3. Dash - space bar
  4. Fast attack - Space bar + left mouse click


Game isn’t working? Try the following troubleshooting methods:

  1. Ensure your browser is updated to the latest version
  2. Hard refresh your browser and clear the cache
  3. Clear cache & restart browser
  4. Reconnect the DApp connecter on your wallet (Nami, Eternal etc) page & clear cache
  5. Try a different browser
  6. Game still not working? Open up a support ticket on our discord server

 What Skin do I get?

  1. If you hold an ADA NinjaZ NFT, you will get a golden/yellow skin for your ninja, when you start a fight

  1. If you don’t hold an ADA NinjaZ NFT, don’t worry, you can still play! Your character won’t get those golden bragging rights though!

If you have any further queries, please reach out to the ADA NinjaZ team on discord via a support ticket.

Meanwhile, get your katanas ready and have fun!