Our One Year Development Roadmap

Our One Year Development Roadmap

ADA Ninjaz — Product Release Roadmap

We are really excited to share the ADA Ninjaz product roadmap for the next year.

At ADA Ninjaz, our mission is to be unique, involve the community as much as possible, and create a manga series like no other. To do this, your support has been integral and has enabled the whole team to really focus on bringing the vision to life.

While this is just the beginning of our journey, here is our future plan, set out from the day we launch for the next year.

*The product release schedule below has been written in sequential order.

Q4 2021

Launch of season 1 NFTs

  • The Aramar Clan (The Guardians)
  • 8 AM UTC, 8 October 2021 — Pre-sale
  • 8 PM UTC, 8 October 2021 — Public sale
  • 8888 NFTs
  • 58 ADA per mint

In just over 2 weeks we will be launching our first set of NFTs — 8,888 unique ADA Ninjaz from the Aramar clan, nicknamed the Guardians.

To date, we have whitelisted 200 of our community members, and intend to have at least 2 more whitelists for our presale, with total possible whitelist numbers to be determined based on the growth of our community.

“Why are you only releasing the first clan in this batch of NFTs?”

I’m sure many of you are already asking this question. This has been a long and highly debated discussion within the internal team. On one hand, we want to show everyone what we have in store for the three clans. On the other we want the community to be involved in how the clans look and feel.

A lot of the incredible community has already built an affinity with one of the three clans, before us doing any reveals, and this is very, very humbling. We recognize that each of their nicknames, the Guardians, the Nomads, and the Outlaws means something to all of you.

But we’ve decided to release only the first clan for two core reasons:

  1. It allows us to focus on the continued development of each clan’s lore and story.
  2. It means the community gets to be involved in the overall look and feel of each subsequent clan.

ADA Ninjaz Music theme release

In collaboration with the amazing Mirai Music, ADA Ninjaz will be developing its theme song, which will be used as the official theme song for the whole project. This will just be the first of many songs to come, as a part of the overarching Original Soundtrack (OST).

Work on this has already started, artists are being interviewed and lyrics are being written as we write this!

ADA Ninjaz origin manga story — The story of the blacksmith

As you would have seen, ADA Ninjaz has already released the first teaser of what is to become an incredible story and light novel.

However, this is being converted into a full-fledged manga story after the release of the Aramar clan’s NFTs.

With the lead storyteller, Ignacio J Durraty at the helm, the world of Ninava will be seen and understood in manga form, with all its glory. The ADA Ninjaz investors will also help in shaping the origin story of the Blacksmith.

The Aramar clan music theme release

Once again Mirai Music will be working on creating an incredible theme for The Aramar which will be central to their story and encompass the vision and direction that the clan takes.

Launch of clothing label (Winter collection)

The thing about the ADA Ninjaz has always been that they live in a modern world, in fact, 10 years ahead of us, and their clothing is very urban, contemporary, and to put it simply, bloody freaking awesome.

This naturally means we intend to create a clothing label for the project, which will include various items you see within the NFTs. Some of this clothing will also be used within the NFT designs for The Atsuko and created based on recommendations from the investors.

If in the event that the team does use any of the clothing assets found in existing NFTs, we will ensure that we set up the appropriate royalties structure, to ensure that all our investors get their fair share of the pie.

This is the future of blockchain and NFTs.

This is where we will lead the way.

While we cannot promise anything on this front, as no smart contract protocol has implemented royalties on clothing and merchandise, the team will be trying hard to figure this out and will highly value the suggestions and recommendations of the investors.

Q1 2022

Release of the complete original soundtrack (OST)

Early next year, the phenomenal composers and team at Mirai Music will help ADA Ninjaz launch the complete OST for the project. This will be a whole music album that you will be able to stream on all your favorite music streaming platforms, and will assist in further bringing the ADA Ninjaz world to life.

Launch of Season 2 NFTs — The Atsuko Clan (December/January).

Around the abovementioned timeframe, The Atsuko (nicknames the Outlaws), will get their NFT launch.

This time, however, the community will be the core drivers and decision-makers on the look and feel of the Atsuko clan.

Remember, the Atsuko are at war with the Aramar, so how will the community take this opportunity to either give the Atsuko the advantage or sabotage them for the benefit of the existing Aramar NFTs?

The Atsuko origins manga series.

The Atsuko origins manga, much like that of the Aramar, is already in the works, but of course, now two sets of investors will have a say in the direction of how the manga progresses, where the story goes, and what decisions are made.

Will you choose to stay with the Aramar clan, or will you switch to the rebellious outlaws that are the Atsuko?

Continuation of the ADA Ninjaz manga series

This is the core story of the ADA Ninjaz which will take place in the Ninava of 2031, and tie in with the origin story of the Blacksmith.

While each clan will get its own origin story, the overarching story is based on the second part of the initial teaser we shared and the main storyline of ADA Ninjaz.

Once again the investors will have a say in the direction of how the manga progresses, where the story goes, and what decisions are made.

Release of S2 clothing label (Spring collection)

This quarter, the ADA Ninjaz team will release the second collection of clothing based on the ADA Ninjaz.

Some of this clothing will also be used within the NFT designs for the Daisuke clan and created based on recommendations from the investors. You will get to see merch based on designs that you supported the ADA Ninjaz Team on with the NFTs!

Surprise announcement 1

Look, we cant announce everything that’s in the works, right…? Where’s the fun in that!

Q2 2022

Launch of Season 3 NFTs — The Daisuke Clan (March/April)

Around the abovementioned timeframe, the Daisuke (nicknamed the Nomads), will get their NFT launch.

Again, the community will be the core drivers and decision-makers on the look and feel of the Daisuke clan.

We now have all three clans released.

The Aramar Clan
The Daisuke Clan
The Atsuko Clan

Together they make the A.D.A Ninjaz.

The development of the Daisuke clan is where things start to get real juicy.

The Daisuke origins manga series

The Daisuke will also get their own origin manga, which will include their history, where they came from, and how they became one of the 3 clans of Ninava.

Over the course of this series, the investors will support and have a say in the manga story and overarching process, with three sets of holders, this time around.

Continuation of the ADA Ninjaz manga series

The core series will also continue providing insights into the world of Ninava and the clans in 2031. This is where the core action occurs in the manga and a possible penultimate or climax event.

Bonus soundtrack

The ADA Ninjaz team will continue to work with Mirai Music to develop a bonus soundtrack. This is about exploring new ideas and sounds, and potentially bringing them into the environment of the metaverse.

Release of S3 clothing label (Summer collection)

Now having three developed clans. We will release a full selection of clan-specific clothing. Now you can rock your favorite clan’s gear and take it to the

The clothing label will now include accessories and merchandise.

Planning commences for ADA Ninjaz web series

The ADA Ninjaz team will commence working on the ADA Ninjaz web series and growing the design team to include animators and other production staff to help in bringing the vision of the manga to the screen.

Q3 2022

Season 1 finale of ADA Ninjaz Manga series

All good things must come to an end. In this time period, the ADA Ninjaz team of writers will conclude the first season of the ADA Ninjaz manga series.

This, by no means, will be the end of the manga but will bring forth a conclusion to the initial story. At least we think so!

The first drop of teasers for the ADA Ninjaz web series

The first teasers from the ADA Ninjaz web series will drop in this period. More information on this front will continue to be shared by the devs to all community members and investors.

Surprise announcement 2

Yep, another surprise! A really big one.

Future — TBA

While this provides a conclusion to our plan, this is only a 1-year Roadmap.

Our vision is significantly larger than this, and with your support, the ADA Ninjaz team thoroughly believes this to be true and possible.

The NFT space moves quickly, but we hope that our core utility in our manga will be here to stay for the long term.

Feel free to join ADA Ninjaz on Discord to stay up to date on any changes or pivots that occur as we charge into the new year.

Until next time (which will very well be, very soon). Ikuzo!