What are Cardano Avatar NFT Collections?

What are Cardano Avatar NFT Collections?

NFT was probably the biggest buzzword of 2021. It seems like everyone was (and still is) talking about these digital assets whether they understood them or not. From no coiners who joked they could copy-paste them to the incredible communities that collected them.

Avatar NFTs on Cardano are no different with a multitude of projects dropping amazing digital asset collections. Many members of the Cardano community jumped at the chance to proudly own and display some of these non-fungible tokens.

But what exactly are avatar NFT collections? Why do so many in the Cardano community (and the wider blockchain space) get excited by these drops? These are the questions we’re answering today.

Defining NFT Avatars

Let’s begin by explaining what NFT avatars are before we explore the reasons behind the incredible demand for such collections.

To put it simply, NFT avatars are algorithmically generated digital representations of figures in a profile photo format also known as picture for proof (PFP). These PFPs are created in different styles and mediums such as manga art, clay, pixelated, doodles, and more.

Each NFT avatar is one-of-a-kind, with a variety of identifying attributes such as facial expressions, skin color, accessories, facial hair, clothing, and more.

Every NFT is unique in the sense that no other NFT in the collection has all of the same attributes even if some may share a few of these features.

Community is Everything

The number one reason for avatar NFT collections is community. You can see it on people’s social media profile pictures. Twitter and Discord are particularly filled with many NFT avatars as these are the platforms the projects prefer to communicate through.

Every day you see people using a collection-specific hashtag to gather their fellow PFP collection owners and display their prized assets. They also use other hashtags like #LFG, #WAMGI, and others to build excitement for the NFT project.

NFT avatar owners do this essentially because they are proud to belong. To belong to a close-knit group, an exclusive members’ club, or just a group of people who appreciate the art.

This is why community is quite possibly the most important aspect of an NFT collection. It’s also why many projects will have thousands of NFTs available in their collections. They want to build a large, strong community while still providing some sort of exclusivity.

How to Pick a Good NFT From a Collection

In general, NFT avatar drops are randomised and minters never really know what they’re going to get. They might get an avatar they really like, or they might get one they like a bit less than they thought they would.

If minters fall in the latter category, they’ll usually put the NFT avatar up for sale on the secondary market.

But what if you missed out on the NFT drop entirely and you want to own an avatar from a specific collection? How do you decide which NFT is right for you?

Apart from affordable secondary market prices, there are 2 main distinct ways you can choose to pick a good NFT from a specific collection.

Analysing its Rarity

The first is to pick the right NFT based on its rarity.

Yes, each NFT in the collection is unique, but some are rarer than others. This is because the attributes each NFT avatar carries only appear a certain number of times on other NFTs in the collection.

Attributes are usually measured in terms of % rarity. For example, if a katana appears in only 500 out of 10,000 NFT avatars (5%) and a dagger appears in 1,200 (12%) of these, then NFTs with katanas are rarer than ones with daggers.

Rarer NFTs are generally considered more expensive than ones with more common attributes.

If your ultimate goal is to own an NFT from a collection in order to sell it for a profit in the future, you might choose to look at NFTs with rare attributes.  

Loving the Art

The second way to choose a good NFT from a collection is purely based on your own personal preference.

Think about the aspects of a collection that attracted you to the project and made you look into owning one of its NFTs.

Ask yourself:

  • Is the art visually captivating/striking to you?
  • Is it created in a style that you admire?
  • Does the PFP project stand out in the Cardano NFT space?
  • Are you looking for an NFT that kinda looks like you and/or represents who you truly are?

If the answers to any of the above questions are positive, then you might consider investing in the specific NFT you like. Ultimately, it’s about buying what you really like.

Join Your Community Today

Speaking of NFTs with great art that everyone loves, take a look at this collection of stunning ADA Ninjaz. Not only does the project have great art, but it also provides collectors with exciting utility.

Join your ADA Ninjaz clan today to have your say on how an incredible story unfolds through different mediums.

The project consists of three warring clans (the Aramar, Daisuke, and Atsuko), and thus three drops. You can find NFTs of the Aramar clan on secondary markets, while the Atsuko clan drop is set for February 4th. Get ready!